Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Breaking news: The PLAN Railgun is here and it is mounted on a ship

After months of speculation on the China Internet, the first clear picture of PLAN's latest arsenal is finally here.  The China Navy's experimental railgun is mounted on Type 072III-class landing ship 海洋山 / Haiyang Shan 936 as the test platform and speculated to enter service with the next Type055 DDG variant.  

The question is - can a little LST generate enough megajoules of energy to provide this experimental railgun a realistic platform.  Perhaps a larger and more powerful platform is needed for the next stage of development.  One thing is certain, they have a long-term plan and they are investing R&D resources to reach it.

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Photos taken at Wuchang Shipyard

 Older photos before the unveiling

 Note the shipping containers where the power system is packed

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