Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Photos of the day: First active duty FXT of PLAAF's airborne recruits

Similar to other land forces, a large PLA multiple battle-group Field Training Exercise (FTX) is generally commanded by a field-grade general.  It is also a SOP that him and his staff not communicate with company or other tactical level officers prior.  This is done to simulate a more realistic training scenario.

This particular FXT is taking place at North Hubei Mountain Training Base as we speak, involving 2000 fresh out of boot camp troops and with over 100 vehicles

 Nothing but the very best for PLAAF's one-star (Mr Major General is the first one on the right)
 Type 98 (PF-98) 120mm “Queen Been” unguided anti-tank rocket system
 PG87 Twin-25mm Towed AAA
 Ole School BBQ

35mm AGL

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