Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Say hello to YLC-48 "Spider Web", Sino AN/TPQ-49 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR)

The Chinese YLC-48 LCMR  is a latest member of the YLC family created by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.14th Research Institute.  Like its US counterpart, it utilizes L-Band operation frequency for counter-fire directing.  It claims to have detection range of 15 km vs 6 km of its counterpart.  It's "point of origin accuracy" is said to be "60m at 7km" vs "75m at 5km" of the AN/TPQ-49

The LYC-48 Spider web 蜘蛛网

 AN/TPQ-49 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR)

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