Monday, June 29, 2009

Yet another massive "anti-terrorism" eh, I mean "anti-extremism" exercise.

More details emerged on the third Sino-Russia joint military exercise with 1300 troops from both sides participating. This is considerably less than the 2005 exercise where over 10,000 troops (8000 Chinese and 2000 Russian) including marines and paratroopers assaulted an “extremist” controlled runaway island off coastal China.

While the 2005 exercise showcased the latest development, it also exposed some of the underlying weaknesses of the PLA in areas such as rigid command structures, lack of experience in complex mechanized airborne drops, lack of initiative by junior officers to adapt and overall poor communication between service arms. The Russian military also showcased long range bombers such as Tu-22m and TU-95 hoping to land export orders from China, but no deals were made. Overall, it was an expensive dog-and-pony show that exposed weakness rather than strength.

The 2007 show demonstrated the first PLA deployment of the JH-7 and WZ-9 to Russia with a PLA battle- group of 1600 troops in a combined armed maneuver that tested long-distance mobility and logistic support. For many it was considered to be the first such demonstration of power projection outside of China. With a reduced OPOBJ; instead of an island, they assaulted an extremist controlled town, the PLA seemed to perform better than 2005. However, the PLA’s Type92—the mainstay of PLA’s wheeled APC—was shown to be underpowered in rough terrain, and joint operation planning with the Russians was not well coordinated. Members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization also took part in the 2007 show with a total of 6500 troops and 80 aircraft from China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

It will be interesting to see what is in store for this year.

Russia, China To Hold Military Exercises July 22-26 - Report

MOSCOW (AFP)--Russia and China will hold joint military exercises next month, a top Russian military official said Monday, as the giant neighbors work towards tighter cooperation.

"The head of the Russian and Chinese military delegations agreed that 1,300 soldiers from each side would participate," said the deputy army chief Lieutenant General Sergei Antonov, adding 20 Russian war planes would take part.

The massive five-day exercises, dubbed Peace Mission 2009, are to focus on anti-terrorism and will take place on both countries' territories July 22-26, Antonov told the ITAR-TASS state news agency. The two countries are in their third round of talks to hammer out the details of the joint manoeuvres, he said.

Russia and China made a show of their strengthening ties last month when Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Moscow for a major bilateral summit. The friendly diplomacy is a marked change from the later decades of the Cold War era, when the Soviet Union and China clashed for supremacy in the Communist world.

In recent years, the countries have taken great strides to step up trade and put old rivalries behind them, ending a decades-long dispute over their 4,300- kilometer border just last year.

The two held joint exercises in 2005 and 2007 under the auspices of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a regional security group consisting of China, Russia and four Central Asian states.

Russia has also been the main supplier of arms to China since the two countries normalized relations in 1989 - the same year Washington imposed an arms ban on Beijing.

China to launch drill with Russia 2009-03-18

  BEIJING, March 17 -- China and Russia will launch a joint anti-terror drill in Northeast China this year, a defense official has said.

  "The defense ministries of the two countries are currently discussing details of the drill," Qian Lihua, director of the Ministry of Defense's foreign affairs office, said.

  The drill, the second between the two troops, is aimed at promoting bilateral strategic partnership, Qian said.

  It will also mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Russian diplomatic ties, he added.

  The first such drill was held in Vladivostok in Russia and East China's Shandong in August 2005.

  In 2007, the two countries joined a multinational anti-terror drill that also brought together Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

  Qian said China will hold more exercises with its neighbors this year, as it is keen on promoting high-level military exchanges. He, however, did not elaborate.

  China has strengthened military ties with its neighbors by participating in regional exercises, Qian said.

  Since 2002, the country has joined 17 military exercises and four ground training drills with its neighbors.

  The country has sent teams to observe military drills in India and Pakistan, as well as "Cobra Gold" drills between Thailand and the United States.

  China and Australia will strengthen cooperation in fighting terrorism, disaster relief and peacekeeping, Chen Bingde, chief of the general staff of the People's Liberation Army, said yesterday. He made the remarks during a meeting with Australian Chief of the Army Ken Gillespie.



MJFeng said...

exposed weakness rather than strength?

Well, I thought the main purpose of ALL militery exercise IS to expose weakness so you know where to improve?
When did it became all about showing strength?

Give them a break would you?

Coatepeque said...

The nature of the 2005 "ex" was a dog-and-pony show, not a real military ex. That was what I am trying to get at.

DaveRobFreeman said...

RoRos maybe not so good for invasion of Taiwan, but how about the Panama Canal?

Coatepeque said...


Not sure I understand your question, you are not suggesting PRC would sank a RoRO in the middle of hte canal, right? they don't need a RoRo to do that, she has a huge fleet of civilian cargo ships.