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720,000 militiamen and reservists mobilized to join the PLA troops and armed policemen in flood-fighting

PLA Daily 2010-07-30

  Since the beginning of the flood season, China has seen frequent occurrence of unexpected extreme disastrous weather, as a result of which floods have attacked a multiple of provinces and autonomous regions.

The troop units of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Armed Police Force (APF) stationed in the flood-hit areas unswervingly implement the decisions and instructions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission (CMC) and President Hu Jintao, who is concurrently chairman of the CMC, and make all-out efforts to plunge into the flood-fighting and disaster relief operations.

  The General Staff Headquarters (GSH) and the General Political Department (GPD) of the PLA issued a circular on July 29, reading that up to July 25, the PLA and APF servicemen totaling 331,000 persons/times have participated in the flood-fighting actions. They have evacuated 1.38 million people trapped by flood and resettled them.

  The military medical workers have made rounds of visits to and given treatment to 106,000 people.

  As a component of the Chinese armed forces, a total of 720,000 militiamen and reservists have also been mobilized to join the PLA troops and armed policemen in flood-fighting actions.

  The PLA and APF servicemen are the main force and vanguards in the operations against floods especially in controlling dangerous situations.

   According to the circular, all the PLA and APF units, especially those stationed in the flood-hit areas, are expected to act in close coordination with local governments and make concerted efforts with cadres and people in the flood-hit areas to win the battle of fighting against floods.

Editor:Ouyang Dongme

Anti-Ship Attack, PAP Style:

Floods devastating northeast China have killed at least 37 people and destroyed 25,000 homes, with the authorities racing to intercept vessels that broke their moorings.

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