Monday, August 23, 2010

China delivers humanitarian aid to Moscow

China delivers humanitarian aid to Moscow

(Source: PLA Daily) 2010-08-23

  The reporter learned from the Information Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) that on the morning of August 20, the aid-Russia humanitarian materials raised by the Chinese military were air freighted to Russia at the Beijing Capital International Airport. After getting to Shenyang, the cargo aircraft will be loaded with other disaster relief materials and then continue to fly to Moscow at around 13:00.

  This batch of materials, which worth a total value of 20 million yuan, include back-carried impulse fire extinguisher, field compressor, fire-fighting combat and training uniform, positive pressure fire-fighting air breathing apparatus and gas musk with a total weight of 38 tons.

  Wu Yuzhang, deputy director of the Comprehensive Affairs Bureau of the Foreign Affairs Office of the MOD, was quoted as saying: “the Chinese military is in charge of the raising and transporting of these humanitarian disaster relief materials provided by the Chinese government.”

  Wu Yuzhang also noted that within 72 hours after the Russian side had confirmed the material list, the officers and men of the Quartermaster, Materials and POL Department and the Military Transportation Department of the General Logistics Department (GLD) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army well accomplished the raising and transportation tasks swiftly. Wu expected this batch of humanitarian disaster relief materials could play due role in the campaign of the Russian people and military in putting out the forest fire.

  This batch of aid materials arrived in Moscow at 21:00 on August 20 (17:00 on August 20, local time).

  By Luo Zheng

Editor:Zhang Qingxia

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