Monday, August 23, 2010

J-15 on the cover of Modern Ships 2010-8B edition.

If this is CGI, then the artist has done a heck of a job.


KERS-2012 said...

this is SU-33, man.....

Applesauce said...

china doesnt have any su-33
this plane has the pla symbol on the tail meaning:

1. its photo-shopped
2. its the j-15

Jaco said...

this is illegal COPY of SU-33 !
just like J-11 is illegal COPY of SU-27SK

Stephen said...

Tried to find a "smoking gun" photo to prove that it was "shopped" but couldn't. The above shot of a Su-33 was the closest that I could find. But I do suspect "shopping" in that magazine shot. I'd need to see if the base of the vertical tail is the same color as the top.

Unknown said...

@ jaco. research before you make a stupid claim. Russia gave china rights to produce the J-11 for 200. The contract also states that china will be allowed to increase the amount of domestic component in the j-11. the j-11 & j-11a are not illegal copy of su-27sk they have license agreement and rights given from Russia. this is not illegal copy of su-33. china never got the su-33 so they can never copy it. china got info of t-10k.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ jaco

Both J-11B and J-15 are indigenously-designed and developed, hence their much-superior firepower.

Everything in the J-11B and J-15 are both indigenously-designed (including engines), except for the one su-27 airframe.

J-11B and J-15 are much stealthier and advanced than their Russian counterparts, and the US classifies them as Chinese-designed.

Saying that the J-11B is a copy of the Su-27 just makes you look ignorant.