Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9th Type 054A Frigate (11th Type 054)

Spotted at the Guangzhou's Huangpu Shipyard ready to launch.

Photos taken on June 05, 2010.


duskylim said...

What are the 3 ships in the dark areas of the shipyard?

Is anyone of them actually a 054A frigate?

The one on the extreme right, seems to be some sort of support ship or underway replenishment vessel (from what I assume to be frames for constant tension rigs or cranes).

The one in the center might be the bow of a 054A but its to fuzzy to make out clearly.

The one on the left could be anything, as it too is to fuzzy to make out.

Coatepeque said...

The first photo was the most recent. The ship is clearly a type 54a.