Saturday, August 07, 2010

One man's trash

HQ-12 on display at the China aviation museum in Beijing.


duskylim said...

So this is a discarded missile canister for the HQ-12 SAM?

Does it include the actual SAM inside it?

What are the other numbers on the canister/container - production numbers?, if so, quite high.

The 2nd to the last picture says HQ-2 and NOT HQ-12, so its the older missile.

It appears to be the HQ-2's booster segment without the fins.

This must be some sort of disposal yard for PLA/PLAAF SAM units - or more likely a nearby junk shop, given that there is a lot of other stuff around - like old car seats.

On closer inspection, the whole lot seems to contain display equipment, these may be just dimensional mock-ups or substitutes used for training and parades.

Coatepeque said...

yes, they are canisters for the HQ-12. Still, those can be recycled or put into a storage somewhere.