Thursday, August 05, 2010

Golf Class SSB "Great Wall 200" is now awarded with a unit citation.

Hu Jintao signs order to award two units and one individual honorary titles

(Source: PLA Daily) 2010-08-05

  Hu Jintao, chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the People’s Republic of China, recently signed an order to award two military units and one individual the honorary titles.

  The title of “Vanguard Submarine of Underwater Launching Test” was awarded to the Great Wall No. 200 Submarine. The Great Wall No. 200 Submarine of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was put into underwater service in September 1964 and successfully launched the carrier rocket underwater for the first time in 1982. It created multiple records including the record of the longest service life and the record number of missile-launching in the submarine history of the PLA Navy.

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