Sunday, August 08, 2010

The First Tactical Battalion Battle-Group Amphibious Exercise

During the past few days, the Vanguard 2010 Air Defense Drill is getting a great deal of media attention (here). At the same time the PLA conducts a more military significant exercise that deserves more coverage -- the first amphibious assault by a PLA Joint Tactical Battalion Battle-Group.

The participating battalion is from the Jinan Military Region instead of the amphibious warfare focused Nanjing and Guangzhou MRs. Together with the fact that they are exercising with older equipments rather than the newer organic amphibious assets already found on their front-line amphibious units signifying that the PLA is still testing/refining their battle-group concept.


Steven said...

Ah the old Type 62, hopefully these are just for practice and at the very least they have Type 62Gs

Coatepeque said...

They might want to see how those old equipment fair in the new doctrine.