Monday, September 13, 2010

MSA15 in Wuhan and MSA75 in Guangzhou.... Oh yeah, that Yuan B


Unknown said...

That looks like a new Kilo to me. Or maybe an improved Chinese version of the Kilo ;)

It just looks too different from the previous Yuan boats, IMHO...

killerwatz said...

has anyone noticed the ufo's in the first three pics??

duskylim said...

I am inclined to agree with Bo.

That is not a Yuan, rather it is a new Chinese version of the Kilo-class.

The sail is very long, and there is a pronounced step in the junction between the bows and the upper casing.

Furthermore it has the retractable forward hydroplanes of the Kilo class.

What is definitely different from the Kilo is the vertical tail fin.

Kilo's have tail fins that extend below the stern, not above the surface.

This sub seems to be the much-rumored cross between the Song and Kilo - certainly much more so than the Yuan class.

If this is true - the it is a NEW class of Chinese SSK.