Saturday, April 24, 2010

A fine example of China's naval engineering

This smuggler's fully enclosed Armored Stealth Boat (ASB) is powered by six 1200 HP turbocharged jet-ski engines, giving it a top speed of 50 knots. It was captured by the Guangdong PAP and is now on public display.

The "cockpit" of this impressive ASB is protected by bulletproof glass and is fully-loaded with a satellite navigation system and other advanced equipment.  To top it off, the cabin is lined with hydraulic lifting telescopic rails for rapid "cargo" loading and unloading.

If the PLAN is smart they should "modify" the design, mount a pair of C-802, and export it at a "friendship" price.


Unknown said...

Look like its of steel construction so the only thing stealth about it is its low profile. Somehow I doubt the "shaping" is particularly effective.


btw Xinhua could you possibly direct me to the new CDF site please. Googling just gets me sites that tell me I'm not authorised to access. forum login name is danrhayes

Coatepeque said...


try this one.

you might need to reset your password.

Unknown said...

Cheers mate