Tuesday, April 06, 2010

PLA AD Regiment TOE

The Chinese military does not officially publish Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) for its military units. However, an approximation can be devised by examining open sources such as TV and newspaper reports.

For example, this CCTV report from April 5th, 2010 suggests that a PLA Ground Force Air Defense regiment was issued an HQ-7 SAM, PGZ95 SP AAA, Type 95 35 AAA and FN-6 MANPAD. This is a fairly standard TOE and has been known for some time.


duskylim said...

More than a little bit disappointing, as one would hope that they would have converted the search-and-track and engagement radars to phased-arrays.

The radar displays are still the same old PPI's - they should have modern digital displays like the one's on the HQ-9's.

I am still hoping that China develops something along the lines of the Pantsir as this is the most formidable point-defense system available.

Coatepeque said...

Those are Army AD assets, they might not have the budget.