Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An update on the Zubr buy.

They are still talking.....


China is about to buy Russian air cushion ships 20.04.2010
Text: RIA Novosti
Photo: air cushion landing boat Murena. militaryparitet.com
Rosoboronexport holds consultations with China at defense show DSA 2010 about possible buying of Russian Zubr- and Murena-type air cushion landing ships, reported Monday RIA Novosti referring to Alexei Kozlov, representative of Rosoboronexport's Department for the Navy.

"Speaking of air cushion ships, we've negotiated with China. Although this talks had no results yet, consultations with Chinese party are in progress", pointed out Kozlov.

Russia had previously delivered four Project 12322 Zubr air cushion landing ships to Greece. These unique ships have no analogs in the world and have excellently proved themselves in the Aegean Sea.

Zubr-type ships are capable to accelerate up to 60 knots (130 kph); transport up to 500 men and combat vehicles at great distances. These ships are armed with effective up-to-date weapon systems and controlled by a crew of 37.

Landing boat Murena (Project 12061, designed by Almaz Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering) is used for embarkation of combat vehicles and personnel from equipped or unequipped coast; carriage them by sea; debarkation on unequipped coast; and fire support. The boat is capable to carry either 1 medium tank (up to 50 tons) or 2 armored personnel carriers or 2 infantry fighting vehicles. Cargo deck can also be equipped with removable benches to accommodate 140 marines.

Boats of this class can also be involved in offensive mining. Crew is 12; full speed is 55 knots.

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54 said...

The Russians and Ukrainian just never learn. You don't sell your blue prints/technology to the Chinese!

They'll never see an order from the Chinese again.... They copied the atomic bombs, the Mig-15,17,19,21, now the S-300,the Su-27,... soon the carrier.

That is just dumb and short sighted.