Tuesday, May 01, 2012

12 L-15s to be exported to Latin America and Africa this year. Who are the customers?

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 据第一财经了解,L15飞机无论在单价还是综合利润率上,都较K8飞机要高出很多。一架L15飞机的目录价格约在7000-8000万元,如果今 年可以实现12架L15飞机的首次交付,订单总额将近9.6亿元,这相当于洪都航空2011年18.25亿元营收的54.79%。
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Ukraine conveys first engines for L-15 trainer airplane to China

Apr 27 at 20:30 | Interfax-Ukraine
Ukraine is delivering the first batch of AI-222-25F engines for new Chinese L-15 trainer airplanes.

A source well informed on the details of the Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation under the L-15 program told Interfax-Ukraine that the Chinese side is to certify the first batch of engines assembled in Ukraine by the end of week.

"Chinese specialists have arrived to Ukraine to certify the first batch of engines, this work is to be done by the end of week," the agency's interlocutor added.

The source did not disclose the volume of consignment.

"At present, we're continuing talks with our Chinese colleagues on further supplies of AI-222-25F engines to China and cooperation in their production," he said.

A contract on the supply of AI-222-25F engines produced in Ukraine to China was signed in spring 2011. The volume and the value of the contract have not been disclosed.

The L-15 is an airplane for training pilots of J-10, J-11, J-16 and other aircraft. Its maximum takeoff weight is 9,800 kilograms. Its length is 12.27 meters. The aircraft is 25% made of carbonate composite materials. The service life of these aircraft is 10,000 flight hours, or 30 years.

The AI-222-25F engine, which was designed by Ivchenko-Progress Enterprise and is produced at Zaporizhia-based OJSC Motor Sich, generates 4,200 kilograms of thrust when afterburning.

According to the L-15's designers, the aircraft will have a competitive price of $10 million, which will vary depending on the model.

Foreign mass media reported that China would soon design a light attack plane based on the L-15. At the moment, options for its armaments are being considered. The new aircraft will be offered to the Chinese air forces and for export. A similar plane could be also developed for the Chinese navy.


Steven said...

The L-15 is an airplane for training pilots of J-10, J-11, J-16 and other aircraft.

J-16? Is this a typo?

Also I bet we can expect some of these export L-15s to be used in roles other than 'training'

Unknown said...

The L-15 is an airplane for training pilots of J-10, J-11, J-16 and other aircraft.