Wednesday, May 02, 2012

No typo, J-16 is the Chinese Strike Flanker, Su30 MK2

China demonstrated fighter J16 to the press at aircraft factory Shenyang Aircraft Co; it is a copy of Russian Su-30MK2, reports Hong Kong military magazine Kanwa referring to a Chinese authoritative military source.

This airplane is a copy of Russian fighter Su-30MK2, the batch of them was sold to China early in 2000's, reports Interfax citing the source.

According to the magazine, Chinese Navy is quite satisfied with performance characteristics of Su-30MK2 fighter. The military asked the Shenyang aircraft factory to copy that fighter with antiship capabilities adapted for Chinese-made missiles. Basically, the fuselage remained the same as J11BS airplane has, said the source.

The magazine reports that the first batch of 24 fighters J16 had been already constructed.

Since early 2010, Chinese Navy began to receive the first batch of domestically-designed multirole all-weather fighters J10A which significantly increased technological level of Chinese Navy, reports Kanwa.

The Chinese military source told to the magazine that "national air force has not received 'cloned' Su-30MK2 yet. Normally, Chinese Navy gets new fighters first. For example, two-seat fighter bomber JH7 joined Air Force only after commissioning into the Navy".


Unknown said...

No typo, J-16 is the Chinese Strike Flanker, Su30 MK2 that informision is to good

Justin said...

lol the Russkies sound a little pissed off at the copy.

Anonymous said...

It's not a copy; it was built from the J-11B which uses a modified Flanker type airframe and indigenous systems aboard.

d said...

Unknown: its not a copy its a clone: copy with some indigenous systems.

J-11B is a clone of Su-27M which was sold to china in 1993.

J-16 is a clone of Su30 MK2 which was sold to China in early 2000s.

Now China is interested in Su-35S. Russians seems reluctant to sell. Why is that?