Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4th 056 hull emerges

As Guangzhou HuangPu's Type 056 getting ready to launch, the silhouette a 056 hull under construction emerges.   This marks four known 056 hulls thus far. As for the speculation on how many 056s the China navy will eventually procure, it it anyone's guess at this point.

Photo of the 3rd hull (left) taken on May 19th at Shanghai Hudong Shipyard together with the pre-launched 1st hull (right)

Photos taken today at Guangzhou HuangPu with silhouette of the fourth hull showing.

056 Class Corvette Project Update


According to folks from Hudong Shipyard in Shanghai, the lead boat of the 056 Class Corvette will be launched "within days".  Given Hudong's track record, this should come as no surprise.  

Second boat from Guangzhou HuangPu shipyard is not far behind

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Could this be the first photos of Type 056 light corvette under construction?

We will know soon enough.

MSA 74 to the left, Type 054A number 15 (17th overall) at the right,  Type056 in the middle?
  Guangzhou's Huangpu Shipyard

Photos taken from Shanghai 

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Encik Han said...

Nice entry yea..!!
your blog is full with information..
Nowadays we can see that China has focus to build its new type of ship that more modern and equal(in term of design(stealth),firepower and its electronic system) to western Ship..