Monday, May 07, 2012

A new type 903 AOR Replenishment oiler launched in Shanghai Hudong Shipyard.

Six weeks after the launch of a new Type 903 in Guangzhou's HuangPu shipyard.  A new Type 903 can also be seen in Shanghai today.

In the meanwhile in Guangzhou (photo posted on 5/5/2012)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Light at end of the tunnel?

It has been said that in order for the China navy to field a modern navy, it must possess more Replenishment Oilers (AOR). With only five AOR in its orbat, it can barely keep up with the Gulf of Aden commitment and the regular Western Pacific cruises. The situation might be improving in near future as recently posted photos suggesting that two more AORs are under-construction and one of those launched today in Shanghai.

I am sure that little flattop can be  quite thirty too. 


Truthful James said...

I don't know about 'thirty' but the flattop will be quite 'thirsty' not only for its own engines but also the different furl for its on board aircraft.

Underway replenishment is an act of consummate skill, especially if it is done side by side, which the U.S. has mastered.

I had thought that one of the reasons for the 'string of pearls' was the in port replenishment opportunities.

anno said...

Oh, the 'string of pearls'. The Fantasy that exist in a "certain" country, but no where else.

As for Underway replenishment, China has doing it for a long time.