Wednesday, May 16, 2012

China is offered to build Indonesia's costal C4I system.

After becoming Indonesia's major supplier of SSM, China wants to step up the cooperation to include defense electronic as well.   This is a perfect case-in-point on China's relations with ASEAN -- it is not all about fishing rights.

RI studies offer in electronic defense industry cooperation with China

Tue, May 8 2012 16:08 |

Antara News : RI studies offer in electronic defense industry cooperation with China

Beijing (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is still considering an electronic defense cooperation called Defense Electronics Complex of Indonesia (DECI) offered by China.

"The Indonesian Defense Ministry and the national defense industry are still studying and discussing the project," Defense Attache at the Indonesian embassy for China and Mongolia Suryamargono said in Beijing Tuesday.

He said the cooperation covers designing and developing, fabrication, modules and assembling electronic equipment such as radars, for electronic wars, and others.

"The cooperation will cover three stages, but still its various aspects are still studied," Suryamargono said.

A report ANTARA has received said the electronic industry is not only playing a big role for the defense industry as a whole, but for economic growth as well.

Global electronic production reached Rp13 thousand trillion, with Asia and the Pacific as the biggest contributors, namely some 37 pct, and Indonesia contributed only one percent.

The electronic defense industry cooperation was offered by a Chinese defense industrial group, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

A similar cooperation has also been offered to Pakistan by China under CETC in the National Electronic Complex of Pakistan (NECOP).

With regard to Indonesia, CETC already had a cooperation with the Defense Ministry and the Military (TNI), especially the Navy in the guided missiles speed boats (KCR) program.

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People's Liberation Army and the Indonesian National Army "razor -2011" Special Forces joint training was held in Bandung, Indonesia.

 Indonesian latest C-705 SSM armed patrol boat, KCR-641 Сlurit. It is mounted with a Norinco's 30mm autocanon


Chuck Hill said...

Not a little concerned that the Chinese will have a back door to turn it off or feed in bogus information when they please?

The Mahadi said...

Australia & US is the biggest threat to Indonesia. Both these countries have support the separation of East Timor from Indonesia. Now both these countries have secret operations to separate Papua, Indonesia from Indonesia. Its no secret that both the Australia & US intelligence are supporting the separatists groups in Papua, Indonesia. Indonesia tilt to China as a counter balance to these threats.