Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chinese Maritime Surveillance (CMS) to commission 36 cutters in 3 years.

Chinese Maritime Surveillance (CMS) to commission 36 new cutters from 2010 to 2012 including seven 1500 ton class, fifteen 1000 ton class and fourteen 600 ton class "to better protect China's maritime interests".

Not sure what is the urgency but it sure helps to have a strong domestic shipbuilding industry  to handle bursting demands.  

中国明年完工36艘海监船 将极大提升海上维权实力
20120510 05:41 来源:中国日报网


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The 1000 ton cutter "China Maritime Surveillance" 26

CMS 75

"China Haijian 50" vessel enters service

(Source: Chinanews)   2011-12-16

The China Haijian 50” vessel, a new flag vessel with most powerful comprehensive ability of the China Marine Surveillance, left Shanghai wharf for its maiden voyage on Dec. 13, 2011. It formed into formation with the “China Haijian 7115” helicopter and the “China Haijian 66” vessel and then sailed to the East China Sea to perform regular cruise and law enforcement mission.

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i wonder the world said...

Do these cutters have any armaments or offensive/defensive capabilities?

anno said...

CMS ships don't have arms since they are under State Oceanic Administration, but Coast Guard (Chinese name Maritime Police, which is under Ministry of Public Security) ship does have light armament.

There are talks of forming a unified coast guard in the future, so things might change.