Sunday, May 17, 2020

CCTV Capture Of The Day: Xinjing PAP 2nd Mobile Corps now has an organic heliborne SpOps

Xinjiang PAP 2nd 总队 Mobile Corp is now confirmed with an organic heliborne SpOps team.  2nd Mobile Corp Helicopter Detachment has been operating a fleet of five Z-8 helicopters for over Since 2015, attaching a small SpOps team to it seems to be a logical next step.

Xinjing PAP 1st Mobile Corp operates a similar fleet of Z-8 helicopters, it would not be a surprise if it also commands a SpOs team as well. 



jason toms said...

Will the PLA's Z-8s be retired soon?

Coatepeque said...

Some of early production models of Z-8A are nearing 20 years of age, maybe few years maybe. The first generation of Z-8 are retired.