Saturday, May 02, 2020

Constuction of a new 10,000-ton China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) cutter commenced

The contract was awarded to Guangzhou Wenchong Ship Factory Company on Jan 8th (here) with a finalized design by the 701 Design Institute. 

According to a notice from the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration, the new cutter will have a total length of 165 meters, a width of 20.6 meters, a depth of 9.5 meters, and a displacement of 10,700 tons.   Furthermore, it is equipped to support multiple types of helicopters and be able to perform search and rescue missions in rough weather.

After this new "patrol cutter" enters service, it will serve as the flag ship of the Guangdong MSA Regional HQ.  Launch is expected no later than  end of the current calendar year

(source here)

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jason toms said...

10,700 tons for a "Patrol Cutter" makes it larger than many western destroyers. However the mast, as shown in the models, only provides basic surface-search & navigation radars, so I guess these will serve as flagships for regional MSA divisions. The US Coast Guard can only dream of operating a ship like this.