Saturday, May 09, 2020

PLA Unit Of The Day, 58th Combined-Arms Brigade, 83rd Group Army, Central Theater Command

The 58th is your new-normal PLA light infantry/all-wheeled Combined-Arms Brigade.  As an all-wheeled unit, they traded protection and firepower for mobility.  With that in mind, don't expect this "first responder to the scene" to carry out a slugfest with OpForce's heavy.

For direct fire support, each Combined-Arms Battalion has an organic ZTL-11 105mm wheeled assault-gun, a company of PLL-05 120mm wheeled mortar.   Fast and thin skin.

Below is a series of photos depicting their "lightness" (here)

Note the 120mm Queenbee the second trooper is carrying.  It is now PLA's standard squad anti-material/fire support solution

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