Saturday, May 02, 2020

Southern Theater Command's Frontier Defense Brigade is also getting a firepower boost.

It seems that the South Theater's Frontier Defense units are also getting a firepower boost in parallel with other Frontier Defense units.  While those so-called "boost" is not state-of-the-art by any stretch of the imagination nor geared for anything but delay actions, it is still a far cry from just few months ago. 

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AOR of South Theater
 QJG-02 14.5mm dual-purpose heavy MG
 82 mm automatic gun-mortar
 Hand-me-down WZ551/ZSL92 6x6 APC

 120mm Queen Bee

 Each mortar is manned by a crew of five with one instructor
 Note the QBZ-03, a standard of all Frontier Defense.  "We don't need no bullpup"

PLA Unit Of The Day: Xinjiang Altaya (阿勒泰) Frontier Defense Regiment

Why blog about an insignificant unit, you ask?  Fair question - how about that they are now better equipped to perform their intended role as light infantry rather than glorified border guard. A policing role which they are ill-suited for.

No worries, they have their brethren PAP to pick up the border patrol slack.   Of course, there's always the option of building a wall, a beautiful wall.

Source here

 PF98 Queen Bee 120mm Rocket

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