Saturday, May 16, 2020

The very model of a modern China Army Heavy Combined-Arms Brigade

China Army's top-of-line Heavy Combined-Arms Brigade TOE in CG.  CG source here: (Link)

Of course, not every Heavy Brigade is that luxuriously equipped. Some will never be as the China Army is huge thus they have to prioritize their modernization drive according to their threat perception/deterrence calculus.

Group Pic
 HQ-17 VLS SAM for Low To Medium Altitude found its  Air Defense Battalion
 ZBD-04A found in the four Combined-Arms Battalions
 PLZ-05 155mm SPH found in its Arty Battalion
PHZ-11 found in its Arty Battalion
 PGZ-07 35mm SPAAA found in its Air Defense Battalion
 Heavy hitter Type99A found in all four its Combined-Arms Battalions
 PLZ-07B found in its Arty Battalion
 AFT-10 heavy ATGM Carrier found in its Arty Battalion


Brathac said...

Is there any official orbat for the new type brigades?

Coatepeque said...

Nothing officially published, it is not nothing PLA do. That said, there is trend and that much is for certain.

Disgruntled Fusilier said...

I think it's interesting that the PLA would have artillery of different calibers/types in the same battalion. Is that normal among PLA artillery? Looks like a mix of rocket artillery, heavy and light? A logistical nightmare I think.

Unknown said...

PLZ-05/05As are not equipped at the brigade, you can only find them at the GA's arty brigade. PLA's tracked brigades usually equip PLZ-07/07A at their arty battalions and PLZ-10 tracked mortar at battalion's arty company

Coatepeque said...

New TOE would suggest otherwise on where PLZ-05s are found