Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PLA Air Force pushes forward logistics training reform

Here is a follow-up to the 15th ABC mobility air assault military exercise from the PLA Daily. As a general rule, greater military capability requires even greater investment in logistics.

Even the PLA Daily, a Chinese government mouthpiece, remembers the old military maxim -- Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.

PLA Air Force pushes forward logistics training reform


(Source: PLA Daily)

  The PLA Air Force (PLAAF) makes efforts to push forward the reform of logistics training patterns characterizing real battle-purposed large scale training held at training bases with IT application. In early January, the PLAAF Logistics Department successfully staged drills of some training subjects including support for multi-types of aircraft, airfield bomb clearance and rush repair and transportation of special equipment under complicated conditions.

  The PLAAF Logistics Department has take a series of down-to-earth measures to promote the transformation of logistics training to meet the demands of logistics support by the troops in fulfilling diversified military tasks.

  Firstly, the department has strengthened the training of such subjects as aerial transportation in medical rescue operation, emergent material conveyance by air and airborne mobile logistics support.

  Secondly, it has launched a pilot program of building the large comprehensive training base where various training resources are optimized and integrated so as to realize comprehensive integration of simulated training and command training, command training and logistics training, tactical training and equipment operational training to push forward the systematic and scale development of logistics training.

  Thirdly, the department encourages the servicemen of logistics professions studying in the military academies and the Military Vocational University of the PLAAF to learn more IT knowledge.

  The PLAAF Logistics Department eyes the interaction and fusion of logistic combat training and routine logistics support. The logistics units under the department are required to embed training subjects in daily support for the purpose of examining the training effectiveness in support actions and improving support ability through training.

  By Zhang Jinyu and Tan Jie


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