Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taiwanese delegations protected by the Chinese UN peacekeepers in Haiti

Taiwan wins respect through cooperation with China and Haiti : Ma
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
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2010-01-21 12:00 AM
Taiwan had gained international respect through its relief work in Haiti and its cooperation with China, President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday.

His own aim was to turn Taiwan into a country which received respect from the international community, he said. Taiwan would no longer be accused of waging dollar diplomacy, Ma added.

The president said the international media had praised Taiwan for donating US$5 million to its earthquake-ravaged ally and for sending over rescue and medical groups which saved two people from under the rubble.

The Taiwanese delegations had received protection from Chinese members of the United Nations forces in Haiti without any side trying to gain political capital out of it, he said.

Ma said his own policy of diplomatic truce between Taiwan and China had played a key role in achieving a positive reputation for the country. After taking office in May 2008, he announced that Taiwan would no longer try to persuade countries to switch recognition from Beijing to Taipei.

China never officially responded to the policy, but no countries cut off diplomatic relations with Taiwan since. Haiti is one of the island's 23 official allies, though concern has been mounting that China's post-earthquake relief efforts could change the situation in its favor.

Ma on Wednesday denied newspaper reports that he had agreed to cancel all of Haiti's debt to Taiwan. He said he could not do so since the Caribbean country owed the debt to private banks, not to his government. He had asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study measures to reduce the debt, Ma said.

Taiwan wins respect through cooperation with China and Haiti : Ma - Taiwan News Online

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