Friday, January 22, 2010

Please donate to the Haiti Earthquake appeal

China-Defense is asking for donations to Haiti to help with the relief efforts, together we can make a different.


duskylim said...

The sad thing is that the US is using this tragedy merely to display her military and to criticize China (as Haiti is one of the few countries that still recognize Taiwan).

What China is doing now is sufficient.

Remember, China is still a poor country with 120+ million still living on less than 2 dollars a day.

kurahora said...

As Haiti is a nearby country, provision assistance is necessary. You don't just leave hurting neighbors to hang out to dry like that. No one should be chided for their effort helping out, not China, not France, not the U.S, nor anyone else. Things like the political view of Haiti or the U.S' or China's sphere of influence shouldn't be the issue,
the condition of the hundreds of thousands displaced, suffering & missing Haitians & foreign nationals are.

If this is a massive display of military, let's say in the likes of a dog and pony parade, then I'd say helicopters, transport planes, auxiliary & hospital ship(s), CG cutters, a carrier with no significant combat aircraft but helicopters, & a couple thousand soldiers and sailors that are hardly armed would be a lacking display of intimidating power.

If you look back, whether it be the 2008 winter blizzards,Sichuan Earthquake, the 2004 Tsunamis, Hurricane Katrina (aside from the horrid gov. institutional failures that occurred), last year typhoons in the philippines, an ASAP, heavy-hitting humanitarian military response is always appropriate & necessary, and Haiti is no exception.

Coatepeque said...

China should and can do more, if there is one nation that can manufacture temp housing en-mess, it is China. If China wants the world to subscribe to the “peace rising” theory, this is the time.