Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CCTV capture from the Shanyang Aircraft Company

J-15 or J-11B? either way, one of them is in production.

Thanks Hellraiser for the capture


duskylim said...

If I were to venture a guess, it would be the J-15, why?

First there is the dark fairing on the leading edge of the starboard fin that matches the same one on the earlier J-15 pictures.

Second, (and this is just a wild guess) they seem to be about to attach the hinge that connects to the outer wing panel.

It seems to me that conventional, non-naval Flankers would have a complete set of spars spanning the wing box, for greater strength and integrity, the only reason for sectioning the wing at this point is for the hinge.

Deino said...

Hi ho .... guys ... this i sreally only a regular Flanker and not the naval bird.

Sadly I don't have a scanner, but in Andrei Formin's book on the Flanker page 59 on top a standard Su-27 is shown without its wings and it has exactly the same cut, exactly the same three holes ...

Sorry, no J-15 !


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