Saturday, July 03, 2010

Do you want Type95s with that?

It is surprising to see the Pakistani SpOp contingent still soldiers on with a mixture of Type 56-2 and AK-47 mods during high visibility events as the "Friendship-2010" trade-show, err, I mean the anti-terror drill.

Perhaps the PLA should get them interested in buying some of their toys.

you break it you buy it


duskylim said...

No doubt China is seeking to market it's specialist weapons for special or elite commando forces around the world, particularly those of the 3rd world and the Muslim world.

Pakistan, China's traditional ally, and a considerable military power itself, would be the ideal 'test' case and go-between.

Pakistan as we all know has long served this role for China.

Naturally the Pakistani's must benefit too from this relationship.

As the quality of Chinese weapons improves, the potential sales also increase.

This is another export market that China should develop.

Chaudry said...

The weaponization of SSG and SSW is continuing.We should see a different SSG in a few years.

For a bit of perspective on the SSW the sister special ops unit of the airforce.

Steven said...

Type 62-2? Is that a typo?

Coatepeque said...

It should be Type 56-2
Thanks, corrected.

John said...

Pakistan selling itself to another power as a whore.

Unknown said...

pakistani ssg carry lots of different weapons as per their needs

they carry Steyr AUG, Chinese Type-56 , Colt M4 Carbines, FN F2000 and FN P90 and HK-MP5 Sub-machine guns etc

even in this exercise they have Steyr AUG with them