Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PLAAF Factory 5719

Apparently the PLAAF really does not want to send their imported turbofan back to Russia for overhaul -- this factory is home to China's Saturn AL-31 turbofan engine repair depot with a 16 years safety record (here)


Stephen said...

BTW, any word on which color scheme won out for the August 1st demo team's J-10s? I posted the animated videos from the voting site to my own account, and the views there favored the "B" scheme, with the "A" scheme the next most popular with viewers.

Coatepeque said...

According to this Xinhua news article,
scheme A is ahead of the vote


duskylim said...

The photo's are very revealing.

At least the PLAAF has a facility that can repair and overhaul, it most important jet engine.

The facility is new, spacious, well-laid out and well-lit.

It is provided with a variety of specialist jigs and fixtures for servicing the various parts of the engines.

It also has a complete set of diagnostic and test facilities in addition to the repair facilities.

It's staff also includes women as well as men, and old as well as young workers.

Where is it located, and does it repair other types of jet engines - not just AL-31's (which are notorious for high maintenance requirements)?

Coatepeque said...

I think it is for AL-31 only as the other Chinese engines can be shipped back to Liming for overhaul

Eduard Gibson said...

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Eduard Gibson said...

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