Tuesday, July 06, 2010

PLAAF 4th Transport Division (Helicopter) Training in Tibet for the first time.

Most of the helicopter operations in Tibet are conducted by Army's 2nd LH Regiment -- it is interesting to see that the Air Force is now adding vertical assets in that region. Must be a lesson learned from the 2008 earthquake.

Helicopter group in plateau training
( Source: PLA Daily ) 2010-July-5 10:57

On June 30, Cheng Xiaojian, the first female division commander of the Air Force of Chinese People’s Liberation Army led the helicopter group which was awarded the honorable title of the “Heroic Collective in Earthquake Rescue and Relief Operation” after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 to fly to the snow-covered plateau from a military airfield in southwest China’s Sichuan Province for a two-month-long plateau training.

  By Liu Yinghua

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