Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Off to Yemen

Last Month, the New York Times asked an important question -- "Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?" (here).

No, answered the PLAN. It is a rather pleasant vacation spot.

“Weishanhu” warship berths in port of Aden for replenishment

(Source: www.mod.gov.cn) 2010-07-27

  The “Weishanhu” warship of the 6th Chinese naval escort taskforce sailed into the Port of Aden, the Republic of Yemen, on the morning of July 26, local time, beginning a 5-day-long replenishment and rest.

  The materials replenished to the “Weishanhu” have a gross weight of more than 4,000 tons, including fuel, drinking water and non-staple foods. In the replenishment and rest period, the “Weishanhu” warship will organize its officers and men to go sightseeing in turns.

  This is the 5th replenishment and rest of the “Weishanhu” ship in the Port of Aden when it implemented the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th escort tasks.

  By Yin Hang and Yu Huangwei

Editor:Ouyang Dongmei

Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?

Published: July 6, 2010

Just before dawn on Dec. 24, an American cruise missile soared high over the southern coast of the Arabian peninsula, arced down toward the dark mountains above the Rafadh Valley in Yemen's Shabwa province and found its mark, crashing into a small stone house on a hillside where five young men were sleeping. Half a mile away, a 27-year-old Yemeni tribesman named Ali Muhammad Ahmed was awakened by the sound. Stumbling out of bed, he quickly dressed, slung his AK-47 over his shoulder and climbed down a footpath to the valley that shelters his village, two hours from the nearest paved road. He already sensed what had happened. A week earlier, an American airstrike killed dozens of people in a neighboring province as part of an expanded campaign against Al Qaeda militants. (Although the U.S. military has acknowledged playing a role in the airstrikes, it has never publicly confirmed that it fired the missiles.)

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