Monday, November 15, 2010

Close inspection, PAF Style.

You already agreed to buy 36 copies, there is really no need to "kick the tires" anymore.


duskylim said...

To be frank, just imagine that you are a hot-shot, up-and-coming young Pakistani fighter pilot, currently flying an old maybe refurbished F-16.

Here's your chance to check you what could possibly be your next ride - a J-10 fighter.

Now be honest, wouldn't you act like a little boy in a toy store and crawl all over it?

Anonymous said...

It's quite apparent that PAF has always had a lot of valuable feedback to improve the chinese fighters esthetically as well as technologically and there's a simple reason for it: PAF employs a wide variety of western and eastern systems. Chinese are good with reverse engineering but very basic with innovation or perhaps zero. This valuable feedback has always come in from PAF which worked alot on the JF-17 as well as the J-10B. The inspection should seem something relating to that since PAF is already not interested in having the J-10 but wants an improvement in it because there is a huge gap there left by chinese. The J-10B is largely an outcome of conditions imposed by PAF and feeding back chinese to work on areas. Frankly both PAF and PLAAF have benefited from it but this is something PAF has done alot in making the chinese systems much more capable. theres no doubt about it, guess hitting the tires makes much more sense here for the upcomin j-10b.