Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update on DDG 135 and LPD 999

DDG 135 looks similar to the Type 052C class from this angle -- standard 100mm dual purpose gun, Type 730 CIWS, and Active Phased Array Radar.

FL3000N RAM on the newly launched LDP999, making it the second known installation thus far. It seems that the PLAN has added the FL3000N as part of its next generation of Ship Self Defense Systems.

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Rick Joe said...

I don't think that's an FL-3000N launcher, it's a decoy/rocket launch system, you can make out the multiple small barrels through the wrap.
This LPD still uses the 4 AK-630 as the main ciws.

duskylim said...

The pictures of the new destroyer seem to confirm that it is another repeat of the 052C design (three-peat?).

Hopefully the VLS system will be different and the missiles will be launched from a square or box-type vertical launcher a-la 054A frigate.

That would at least that will allow closer packing of the missiles and greater numbers.

New construction also confirms that the PLAN is now comfortable with the design and operation and is going for mass production of more units.

Full integration of the design took a long time, about 7 or 8 years since it's predecessors were laid down.

This is in stark contrast to the rapid adoption and construction of the 054A frigates.

It also appears no more 052B designs are being built - I believe that the 054A frigate is almost as useful as that 'Chinese Sov' model and much cheaper to build and operate.

Maybe it will also incorporate some FL-3000N launchers to boost ASCM capabilities.