Sunday, November 07, 2010

PLA "Thunder Run"

In a scene that reminisces the US Army Third Infantry Division's drive to Baghdad in April 2003, a mechanized brigade, 20th Group Army, Jinan Military Region conducts its own "Thunder Run" to test its armor thrust in a MOUT. It is a good attempt. However, it is somewhat difficult to imagine any "island" city has this type of wide open boulevard or the Type92/WZ551 IFV would stand as well against RPGs as the US M2.

Another way to look at it -- being the PLA has its perks -- it can conduct this type of large scale MOUT exercise without worrying about lawsuits.

US Army Task Force 1-64

CCTV report 11/6/2010

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wtlh said...

OMG, did they use live fire? Looks awfully close to civilians. Is the buildings they are assaulting part of a demolishing area/construction site? (i.e. not purpose built training grounds)

It must be one of very fun and exciting days for the kids when they see this in the neighbourhood :D