Sunday, November 07, 2010

First photo of the new AC311 Helicopter

Looks familiar? Because it is the civilian/export variant of the Z-11.

SOURCE:Flight International
China completes design on AC311 helicopter
By Leithen Francis

Chinese state-owned helicopter-maker Avicopter has completed the design of its 2t civil helicopter, the AC311, and plans to build one in time for China's Zhuhai air show in November.

Avicopter says China Aviation Industry's (AVIC) Helicopter Design Institute has completed the design work and the project is entering the manufacturing phase.

The helicopter is designed for large-scale industrial production and will be competitively priced, it says.

Composite materials will be used for the fuselage and rotor blades, says Avicopter, which adds that the AC311 will be equipped with an advanced avionics system and the cabin will have sound absorption materials.

Avicopter says applications for the locally developed helicopter will include border patrol, police law enforcement, disaster relief, emergency rescue, transport, line inspections, air tourism, forest firefighting, aerial photography and other general aviation services.

In addition to the AC311, Avicopter is also designing a 1t helicopter, the AC310. On 18 March Avicopter made the first flight of its 13.8t AC313 helicopter.

AC313 arrived at the Zhuhai air show

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Unknown said...

So are they using helicopters from Eurocopter for their press release photos until they build something of their own design? wow