Thursday, November 04, 2010

The sad state of the Chinese education system -- little Zhou can't read.

There are at least three J-10B in that airfield.


Steven said...

I'm surprised that you haven't been all over the J-11BS pictures with WS10A engines like a lot of other sites have been?

Cocidius said...

There are 4 and maybe 5. In the second photo of the aircraft in their shelters there's a yellow tail just visible. Also on the far left there is another J-10B visible and there may be another in the middle of the frame, although its hard to tell the color from the camera angle/distance.

This looks like the first serious pre-IOC deployment of J-10B. Full scale production can't be far away.

Coatepeque said...


Sorry, I just don't have anything clever to say.

also, it was blogged back in May

Unknown said...

those are j-10a not j-10b. look at the tails properly. the intakes look like that of the 10b cos of the shadows

duskylim said...

Because of the distance and poor resolution of the pictures, it is very hard to say if the yellow-painted J-10's in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures are actually J-10b's.

However, I'm quite sure that the aircraft bisected by the no camera's sign in the 1st picture is indeed a J-10B.

It does appear though that the aircraft beside it is a J-10A.

Cocidius said...

Going back and counting again the number of yellow aircraft in the second frame I now count 6, with two yellow tails in one the middle shelters. Only in the exposed aircraft can we see the DSI intake clearing indicating a J-10B over a J-10A. It will be interesting to see what photos of this complex show up in the coming months. Only then will we be able to be sure. I don't see numbers on any of the new aircraft....

Joseph said...

Those are J-10A's :

Also discussed in some forum:


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