Thursday, November 18, 2010

Second Type 071 Yuzhao Class LPD Launched.

Photos taken last night by HSH in Shanghai. Possible pennant number 999.

To compare --photos of LPD 998 taken in December 23rd, 2006

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duskylim said...

Not many changes I can see.

The air-search radar is a new model with a wider antenna than the original.

Are the canvas-covered rectangular mounts behind the AK-176 gun for WS-10(?)/FL-3000N or decoy launchers?

Also it seems to have fewer AK-630 mounts than the 1st model.

Since there is one of those rectangular mounts just behind the top superstructure I'm guessing that its for the WS-10(?)/FL-3000N launchers.

Must be pretty much satisfied with the original design.

Perhaps longer experience will be required allow them to optimize the design further.