Thursday, November 18, 2010

Second Type 071 Yuzhao Class LPD Launched.

Photos taken last night by HSH in Shanghai. Possible pennant number 999.

To compare --photos of LPD 998 taken in December 23rd, 2006

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duskylim said...

Not many changes I can see.

The air-search radar is a new model with a wider antenna than the original.

Are the canvas-covered rectangular mounts behind the AK-176 gun for WS-10(?)/FL-3000N or decoy launchers?

Also it seems to have fewer AK-630 mounts than the 1st model.

Since there is one of those rectangular mounts just behind the top superstructure I'm guessing that its for the WS-10(?)/FL-3000N launchers.

Must be pretty much satisfied with the original design.

Perhaps longer experience will be required allow them to optimize the design further.

independentvoter said...

I have to wonder if this is a wise use of Chinese resources. I think China needs guided missile destroyers, ICBM's, SSN's, and more money to research WS-10A more than it needs LPD's. LPD's are useful for invading Taiwan, but that's not even an option without air superiority and at least the capability to protect the landing craft.

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