Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's old is new again

J-6, CJ5, and JJ-5 to make guest appearance on Zhuhai Airshow 2010

Hey you! Stop talking on the cell and get me that damn ladder.


KERS-2012 said...

that was fucking hilarious "stop talking on the damn cellphone and get me a ladder"

Steven said...

that must have been a very important call! :D

The J-8 to me is such a wonderfully strange aircraft. It sort of teeters back and fourth between the Western definition of third and fourth generation without ever falling into one category or another. 'Its designed for BVR! Well there aren't any BVR missiles yet'. 'Its a multi-role aircraft now! Well its still obviously an interceptor at the core'. 'It has a very high thrust-to-weight ratio! Well it turns like a bus'. I wonder if that FBW they tested on the J-8III would have increased its abilities substantially? I guess we'll never know!