Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The flying J-15.

It is still sporting two AL-31F after-burning turbofan engines....I wonder if NPO Saturn received any advanced notice of this adoption.


duskylim said...

Hmmm... a pair of them in yellow primer, not just one.

Looks like they're getting ready for mass production, ahem.

These aircraft along with Chinese avionics and weapons, will make the Varyag and it's sisters the most powerful EAST ASIAN carriers yet.

That coupled with the availability of AAW escort destroyers like 052C DDG's 170 and 171 as well as general-purpose escort destroyers like 052B DDG's 168 and 169, along with the expanding numbers of 054A class frigates will give China the 1st US-style carrier battle group in Asia.

Unknown said...

How do you know it is using the AL-31? I have seen another site with the same photos claim the exact opposite, that these prototypes are equipped with WS10s. Just curious how you can tell the difference from these photos.

Coatepeque said...

from the jet engine exhaust. AL31 is much more "narrower"

John said...

This project will be a failure and this comment will be deleted. Chinese do not like dissent or the people who disagree with them,

anno said...

Somehow I still think the PLAN will not go for this. After all this seems to be only a interim solution for Carrier based plane and it still don't have satisfying domestic engine.

I think PLAN is waiting when a better plane to come along (and not Su-27 based) and the real need for Carrier become apparent. The mind numbing pace of the aircraft project is a proof of that.

Mike said...


you fail and this project will succeed =D

Anyway, is the J15 navy only? with those canards and improved engines, it can be a good replacement for old J11s

Coatepeque said...


Your comment is both racist and idiotic

Deino said...

Hey, these sems to be the original "source" ... what do You think !???



jxz said...

@ anno

As has been pointed by numerous other posters in different discussion forums, AL-31 is used for the prototype to reduce risk. The fact that the second batch of J-11B is being delivered with WS-10A shows that the PLAAF has confidence in the engine. Obviously AL-31 is a more mature engine, so it's not a surprise that it is used instead of WS-10A.

My guess is that they want to test the avionics, radar, and FBW (with the new canard) first before worrying about engines.

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