Monday, November 23, 2009

China’s last cavalry

China’s last cavalry

* Source: Global Times
* [17:34 November 20 2009]
A soldier herds horses on horseback.

The second squadron of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the only mounted troop of The Chinese People's Liberation Army, camping in Maodeng pasture Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia.

With the development of modern science and military technology, soldiers on horseback are withdrawing from the military field.

Ren Zhilong, political director of the second squadron told the media that the cavalry horses are often trained from May to September.

After September, only six soldiers are left in the pasture to take care of the horses. According to Ren, there are 143 horses, each one with its own file and number which is branded on them when they are born.

Soldier Shang Chunlei said that training horses needs patience and perseverance. It's common for them to fall off the horses. Another soldier Liu Yuankuan agreed, having fallen off many times.

Liu also said that horses are timid animals that are easily frightened by red plastic bags.

Most of the soldiers suffer from arthritis, because of the cold and humid weather in prairie.

A horse can live 20 to 30 years and it can serve seven to 10 years in the army.

Horses and soldiers are intimate friends, as Wang Qingwei, the army veterinarian said he is happy to cure his horse friends.

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