Thursday, November 05, 2009

The long waited Chinese heavy military transport will be revealed by the end of 2009.

According to the AVIC (China Aviation Industry Group) press release as covered by the CCTV; China’s 200 ton class heavy military transport prototype will make its first physical appearance for the first time by end of this year. The R&D and manufacture work of this new transport will be centered at Xian. Here is the CCTV Report

The new heavy transport prototype will be powered by four Russian D-30KP-2/WS-18 turbofans and they will be replaced when the improved WS-10 turbofan becames available.


研发、生产制造过程全部由我国独立完成 民用大飞机也在生产中

本报讯 (记者张颖川) 中国的大飞机有了最新进展,中国空军军用200吨级大飞机实体年底将在西飞亮相。这将是中国最大的军用大飞机。







Solomon said...

Beautiful plan but to be quite honest it looks like a AN-70 but with turbines instead of turbo-props.

Solomon said...

should have been plane instead of plan!


Coatepeque said...

According to rumor, it is based on An-70

Solomon said...

awesome. I like the simplicity of it all. take a great design, clean it up and instead of overly complex contra-rotating propellers, install turbines on it! simply awesome. I wonder why someone hadn't thought of it before.

Coatepeque said...

However, it will still be years (5+) before a unit can be commissioned.

Rick Joe said...

5+ years?

The Soviet Union took about three years to have the Il-76 introduced to it's air force after it was first flown...

Unless we're thinking 2012 will be its maiden flight?

Coatepeque said...

I was referring to an operational unit, differ from first flight.

anno said...

Consider it essentially China first large heavy transport jet, it will probably take longer. (unless you count Y-10, I don't. It been way too long, and this thing is far more complex to execute.)

Coatepeque said...

To reduce R&D time, they are using the old Russian D-30 engine. The D-30 is too noisy for most of the EU airports but it is widely available in China and PLAAF knows how to operate them.

Gilles said...

Great idea but the 190 tonne IL-76TD is underpowered with the D-30. How will a 200 tonne An-70 do with the same engines ?

Coatepeque said...

A taxpayer

China is seeking a better solution than the D30 for the long term.