Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Hugo Chavez Warplane show.

Chavez: Chinese Military Planes will Arrive

Caracas, Oct 30.- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the arrival of Chinese K-8 planes for training and combat by the end of 2009, as part of their fleet modernization with defensive purposes.

According to the president the 18 aircrafts, together with Russian Sukhoi fighters will replaced the Mirage fighter jets, six of which were donated to Ecuador.

Referring to the donation to Quito, Chavez also asserted that they are in good technical conditions, rejecting staments by his political rivals.

They are in perfect condition and we are satisfied that the Ecuadorian people can use them, said Chavez.

The president also announced that in addition to the Sukhoi (Su-30) and the new K-8 Venezuela would continue using its US manufactured F-16.

During his speech, the president insisted on the defensive nature of Venezuela's weapon purchases.We donâ?Öt intend to attack anyone, he said. (Prensa Latina)

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