Sunday, November 29, 2009

List of known Class-A Ground Force Military Exercise (cross-region, brigade/division level) conducted by the PLA in 2009.

Peace Mission 2009 和平使命-2009
Sino-Russia Joint exercise. Taonan, Jilin province.

Medical Service Mission 2009 卫勤使命—2009
Medical/Logistic Support Exercise
General Logistic Department, PLAAF, Lanzhou MR, Lanzhou Air force, Jianan MR.

Stride 2009 跨越-2009
Long Range Deployment, Cross-Region Exercise
162nd Motorized Infantry Division, 54th Group Army, Jinan MR. 61st Mechanized Infantry Division, 21st Group Army, Lanzhou MR. 115th Mechanized Infantry Division, 39th Group Army, Shanyang MR. 121 Motorized Infantry Division, 41st Group Army, Guangzhou MR.

Vanguard 2009 前锋-2009
Battle-Group/Battle-Corps Exercise
Armor Brigade, 20th Group Army, Jinan MR. Jinan Air force. 43rd Airborne Division, 15 Airborne Army.

Airborne maneuver 2009 空降机动-2009
Large Scale Airborne Exercise
43rd Airborne Division, 44th Airborne Division, 45 Airborne Division of 15th Airborne Corps.

Advance 2009 先行-2009
Integrated Logistic Support Exercise
General Logistic Department and support elements from all military regions.

South-West Mission 2009 西南使命-2009
Joint Land-Air Exercise
44th Fighter Division, Chengdu Air force. 149th Mechanized Infantry Division, 13th Group Army, Chengdu MR, 31st Motorized Infantry Division, 14th Group Army, Chengdu MR.

Western Region 2009 西部-2009
Joint Information Operation Warfare Exercise
Lanzhou MR, General Staff Department, CMC. 36th Bomber Division, Lanzhou Air force.

Joint 2009 联合-2009
Joint Special Operation/Vertical Assault Exercise
8th Armor Division, 26th Group Army, Jinan MR, Special Operation Teams, ECM Regiments, Army Aviation Regiments.

Iron Cavalry 2009 铁骑-2009
Armor Cavalry Battle-Group Exercise.
11th Armor Division, 54th Group Army, Jinan MR. 1st Army Aviation Regiment, Jinan MR

Victory 2009 必胜-2009
Red vs Blue "open house" Exercise
34th Motorized Infantry Brigade, 12th Group Army, Nanjing MR, Armor Brigade, 31st Group Army, Nanjing MR.

Iron Fist 2009 铁拳-2009
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and C4ISR Exercise
127th Light Mechanized Infantry Division, 54th Group Army, Jinan MR. 11th Armor Division, 54th Group Army, Jinan MR

Fire Power 2009 火力2009
PGM targeting, live-fire Exercise
1st Artillery Division, 42nd Group Army, Guangzhou MR, Artillery Brigade, 41st Group Army, Guangzhou MR.

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