Monday, December 07, 2009

CJ-10K/DH-10 Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) revealed.

Thus far, the PLA has converted all their Surface-to-Surface Missile families into air launched variants to be carried by its fighter-bomber/bomber fleet, ranging from the old C-201 to the newer YJ91. The CJ-10/DH-10 Ground Launched Cruise Missiles, displayed at the 60th National Day Parade, underwent similar conversions.

This is significant due to its extended range. The CJ-10K ALCM can have an operational range greater than 2000 miles if its performance is similar to the US BGM-109G Tomahawk ALCM. Such extended range would allow the old B-6 Bomber to launch the CJ-10k within its own air defense zone against most targets in Asia, granting China a new tool in its anti-access arsenal. As with the US B-52s, older subsonic bombers are unlikely to penetrate enemy air space without air dominance, but its heavy payload allows for safe deployment of these long-ranged ALCMs.

The CJ-10 family was developed by the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics (MOAA), home to China’s main anti-ship missile research center. The B-6 bomber photographed here is the naval H-6M variant that was revealed during the 2002 China air show, subsequently entering service in 2005. The two known regiments of the H-6M are: the 1st Bomber Regiment, 1st PLAN-AF division at Danyang and the 4th Bomber Regiment, 4th PLAN-AF Division at Tuchengzi. Such a heavy naval focus suggests this project is part of the PLA Anti-Access strategy.

Notice the ECM pod next to the ALCM

A closer look at B-6M's newly redesigned hard-point.

CJ-10K/DH-10 displayed at the 60th National Day Parade


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