Monday, December 21, 2009

DDG112 undergoes a major refit in Shanghai.

Just 10 years ago, the Type 052 Luhu-class DDG was considered to be the most modern destroyer in the PLAN inventory. How time flies.

Its H/PJ76A dual 37 mm AA guns have been removed.


duskylim said...

Yes the old 37 mm guns are gone. And if I'm not mistaken so is the forward twin 130 mm turret, the anti-ship missiles, the large air-search radar and some other radars.

Well its about time, this vessel has nice propulsion but rather dated outfit.

It will be interesting to see what they (the PLAN) have in mind to upgrade.

It might give us a clue to what will happen to other vessels also in need of upgrade - like the 2 original FFG 054 class.

duskylim said...

Oh my mistake the original gun armament was a twin 100 mm system not twin 130's.

Here's my fearless (!) prediction:

I believe what they will install will be a 76 mm rapid-fire gun forwards, an HQ-16 type SAM - though not necessarily VLS, a Chinese version of the Soviet Top Plate radar, several Front Dome type fire control radars, and a pair of Type 730 CIWS.

Hopefully, EW and ASW capabilities will be improved.

Also hopefully the Type 730 will have a rapid fire missile system (like RAM) to back it up.