Thursday, October 15, 2009

54th Independent Infantry Regiment, (Unit 77625) Tibet Military District (MD), Chengdu Military Region.

The 54th regiment is Tibet's MD Rapid Reaction Unit and Strategic Reserve that reports directly to the MD HQ; it is tailored to respond to any emergencies within 48 hours. Given its mission requirement and the mountainous terrain, the regiment is very light and possesses no heavy weapons. Its fire support is provided by the 308th Independent Artillery Regiment organic to the Tibet MD.

Together with other PLA units in Tibet, the 54th only provided logistic support to the PAP last year but did not participate in riot control.

The regiment was commissioned on Aug 1st 1990 with 3 motorized infantry battalions and one mechanized infantry battalion. In April 1996, the regiment HQ was enlarged to include one 100mm mortar company and two 25mm AAA companies and the 3rd motorized infantry battalion was reformed as the 3rd mechanized infantry battalion after the injection of the Type92 IFV.

1st Battalion (Truck)
2nd Battalion (Truck)
3rd Battalion (Type 92 IFV)
4th Battalion (Type 89I APC)

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