Saturday, October 10, 2009

A full scale mockup of the Varyag is under construction near Wuhan.

Judging from those photos, the mock-up is clearly not suitable to conduct flight operations. However, it is useful for training the flight and dock crews on basic carrier operation procedures before the actual aircraft carrier is ready.

A simulated hanger deck is also furthered.


kartist_man said...

looks like the plane is sitting on the roof of a building which is really suprising that the roof can take that kind of weight withoug collapsing

Rick Joe said...

The plane is probably a mock up.

Unknown said...

hey does anyone know where this mockup is in Wuhan? It isn't at the China Shipbuilding Engineering Institute's main campus in Wuchang..these pictures look like they are taken from the suburbs. I ask b/c I am a reporter in Beijing who wants to go take a look for a story. Institute people keep hangin up on me. Email me at if you know. Thanks.

Coatepeque said...


Here is the address for the China Ship Research and Design Institute. Hopefully that helps.

Business contact address of
No 387 Linjiang Ave
Wuhan P.R. China 430062

Coatepeque said...

CSIC 701st Institute at Huangjia Lake development zone just south of Wuhan city, next to the Wuhan University of Science and Technology Huangjia Lake Campus,

RAJ47 said...

The exact location is @ 30 25 22 N 114 15 42E